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Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan is a full-time professional artist, currently living in the beautiful countryside of Herefordshire. It is clear that his immediate surroundings inspire the striking landscape artwork he is known for, as well as his seascapes which are inspired by the many years he spent living near the coast.

Allan has always been immersed in the art world, after completing a five year degree in Fine Art at Coventry and Swansea Art Colleges, he embarked on a career in illustration and publishing. Although this was a successful career he yearned to paint again and looked to his surroundings for inspiration.

The iconic British countryside boasts an array of vibrant fields such as wheat, corn, rape and poppies which, when paired with moody black skies and the odd burst of sunlight, makes for a very familiar scene to those who live in this beautiful country-the promise of sunshine.

Allan has the ability to successfully capture these moments with skilled oil painting techniques that draw the viewer in. His attention to detail is exquisite, often with the inclusion of tiny farmhouses or churches nestled amongst the trees in the distance.

More recently, Allan has experimented with his style by playing with light, colour and atmosphere and encompassing a more “colourist” approach to his work although staying true to his recognisable subject matter.

Allan Morgan is now one of the most collected original landscape artists today with his vast colourways having the ability to compliment any room in which they are displayed.

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